Perhaps you've already heard that Ruby Facets is filtering it's arsenal of code to provide ONLY core and standard library extension methods. This means a number of classes and modules that remained in Ruby Facets after the last "MORE library clean-up" have to move out. The question is, where to?

Somewhat surprisingly, much of the remaining MORE library's classes and modules fall into two categories, and based on this have found their way into two new spin-off projects: The Ruby Hashery and Ruby Mixers. In both projects are found a small collection of nicely related libraries. In Hashery, it is a collection of Hash-like classes. While in Mixers, it is a collection of mixin modules. Be sure to check them out. If you were using any of these libraries before, now you know where to find them when Facets 3.0 comes out.

In some respects the great, megalithic and all-in-one Ruby Facets will be missed. It was nice to have a single dependency for so much functionality. But the new focus and subsequent spin-offs have proved even more fruitful. The classes and modules in Hashery and Mixers have already been substantially improved by the transition. And, Facets 3.0, which will be released soon, is likewise shaping up to be the best release ever.

Written by trans, 2010-05-08