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cdexec - Iterate command execution over multiple directories


The cdexec command allows shell commands to be executed over a selection of file directories. This is convenient for working with mutliple projects in bulk.


The cdexec command is quite simple to use and there are only a few options:


There are plenty of uses for gitexec. Here are examples of a few that have proven handy to the developers of cdexec.

Check the git status of a set of projects.

$ cdexec */ - git status

Running spellcheck on multiple project READMEs.

$ cdexec */ - aspell check README.rdoc
$ cdexec */ - rm README.rdoc.bak

Running tests on multiple projects.

$ cdexec */ - rake test

All of these example relate to software development. No doubt there are many other application.



Copyright (c) 2011 Thomas Sawyer, Rubyworks

This program is distributable in accordance with the terms of the FreeBSD license.

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  2. cdexec(1)