The Ruby Gengo Project
Text and Language Processing


English is a collection English-related text manipulation and natural language processing libraries for the Ruby programming language. Over time the project hopes to provide a fairly comprehensive set of tools for working with English language data.

Probably the most typical example of it use is:

        require 'english/inflect'

        "boy".en.plural      #=> "boys"
        "boys".en.singular   #=> "boy"

        "ox".en.plural       #=> "oxen"
        "oxen".en.singular   #=> "ox"

By default the $language global variable is set to 'en'. If the english/mixin library is loadeds the #en method call can be left out and the same result achieved.

        require 'english/mixin'

        "boy".plural      #=> "boys"
        "boys".singular   #=> "boy"

        "ox".plural       #=> "oxen"
        "oxen".singular   #=> "ox"

English includes many other useful methods and also a few useful classes.

Each library can be utilized independently. Or all libraries can be loaded with the single require.

        require 'english'

For more details see the Wiki or the RDoc API documentation.


English Grammar
Explanations and Exercises written by Mary Ansell.