Library Fantastic

Ruby Facets is the premiere collection of method extension and standard library additions for the Ruby programming language.

Facets is the Premier Ruby Extensions Library

Ruby Facets was first released in 2005. Since then it has evolved into the single largest and most refined core extensions library for the Ruby programming language. All facets can be loaded with a single require or cherry-picked individually. There are hundreds of quality methods in the collection which have been derived from years of experience of dozens of top Ruby programmers.

In addition to the core libraries, Facets provides extensions to Ruby standard library, as well as as a small collection of add-on classes and mixins. Together with core extensions these libraries provide a broad general-purpose set of components commonly useful across a wide variety of applications.

Facets is for Every Ruby Developer

Who uses Facets? Lots of Rubyists do!

Many developers use Facets as a copy-and-paste resource, others use it as a dependency cherry-picking just the methods they need, and still others use the library whole-clothe. How you use Ruby Facets to facilitate your Ruby development is completely yours to decide.

Facets is a Bright Idea

The philosophy of Facets can be summed up in a simple mantra, ALL BASE COMMON. The idea being, that by sharing a broad foundation of general purpose code, the Ruby community will be better served. There are a number of advantages to this approach. Among them: name consistency, better code-reuse, collaborative improvements and reduced installation requirements.

Facets also embodies the idea of "having it your way". You can use as much or as little of Facets as you see fit. In fact, Ruby Facets originated the idea cherry-pickable extensions.

Facets is a Community Effort

Facets is not the sole achievement of one person, but was made possible by the hard work of many excellent programmers. Some persons contributed code directly, other's simply had their code picked-up from another open resource. In either case, three cheeers for all!

  Thibaut Barrère        Daniel J. Berger          Ken Bloom
  Rich Bradley           Paul Brannan              Mikael Brockman
  Jamis Buck             Renald Buter              Brian Candler
  Shashank Date          Robert Feldt              Mauricio Fernandez
  Florian Frank          Hal Fulton                Noah Gibbs
  Michael Granger        Florian Gross             Sean O'Halpin
  Michael Harmer         Matthew Harris            David Heinemeier Hansson
  Thomas-Ivo Heinen      Dave Hoover               Ara T. Howard
  MenTaLguY              Mohammad Khan             Robert Klemme
  Michael Kohl           Richard Laugesen          Lavir the Whiolet
  Derek Lewis            Jan Molic                 George Moschovitis 
  Michael Neumann        Marco Otte-Witte          Roger Pack 
  Jeena Paradies         Tim Pease                 Jonas Pfenniger
  Ryan Platte            Oliver Renaud             Tyler Rick
  Christoph Rippel       Daniel Schierbeck         Louis J Scoras
  Gavin Sinclair         Tilo Sloboda              Sandor Szücs
  Phil Tomson            Mauro Tortonesi           Peter Vanbroekhoven
  Jim Weirich            Jeff Wood                 Jean-Denis Vauguet
  Erik Veenstra          Austin Ziegler            Why The Lucky Stiff

Facets is Open Source Software

Facets is true open source software. Ruby Facets is distributed under the terms of the Ruby License, just like Ruby.

Ruby Facets, Copyright (c) 2005-2010 Thomas Sawyer

Credit and any additional copyrights for particular code fragments are given in their respective source. All secondary licenses are either compatible with the Ruby license or the original author has given permission for inclusion of their code under this license.

"Lots of cool stuff... There's just so much there!"
--Austin Ziegler