RSpec On Tap is a TAP-Y/J formatter for RSpec.

You can learn more about TAP-Y/J.


Usage is simply a matter of passing the name of the format class to the rspec command via the -f option.

$ rspec -r rspec/ontap -f RSpec::TapY spec/*.rb


$ rspec -f RSpec::TapY spec/*.rb

With TAP-Y in hand, one can then use TAPOUT to produce a variety of other formats:

$ rspec -f RSpec::TapY spec/*.rb | tapout progress

You can learn more about TAPOUT.


Installation follows the usual pattern:

$ gem install rspec-ontap


Copyright © 2011 Rubyworks. All Rights Reserved.

RSpec-On-Tap is distributable in accordance with the FreeBSD license.

See for details.