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SafeSymbol, maybe it protects you from DoS attack

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Well, there is a lot of talk about DoS attacks via Symbol creation becuase Symbols are not garbage collected. So I figure the easiest course of action is to head them off at the pass by replacing Symbol with a normal class that mimics Symbol in every way.


SafeSymbol Class

SafeSymbols can be create via or more conveniently via the SafeSymbol() Kernel method.'sample')


The later is more forgiving, whereas the former will only take a string.  #=> TypeError


The extensions.rb script will override all #to_sym and #intern methods to always return a SafeSymbol instead of the usual Symbol.

require 'safe_symbol/extensions'

"sample".to_sym  #=> SafeSymbol("sample")


The refinements.rb script works just like the extensions but ecapsulates the overrides in a refinement module.

require 'safe_symbol/refinements'

using SafeSymbol::Refinements

"sample".to_sym  #=> SafeSymbol("sample")


Copyright (c) 2013 Rubyworks

SafeSymbol is modifiable and redistributable in accordance to the BSD-2-Clause license.