TomParse is TomDoc parser for Ruby. It provides no other functionality than to take a code comment and parse it in to a convenient object-oriented structure in accordance with TomDoc standard.

See TomDoc for more information about the TomDoc format.


$ gem install tomparse


The primay interface is the TomParse.parse method. It will parse the comment and return a TomParse::TomDoc instance.

TomParse.parse(comment)  #=> TomParse::TomDoc

The comment string can have comment markers ('#') or not. The parse will remove them if present. The resulting TomDoc object then has a selection of methods that provide information from the comment, such as #arguments, #examples, etc.

See the API documention for more details on this.


If you are unfamiliar with TomDoc, an example TomDoc comment for a method looks something like this:

# Duplicate some text an abitrary number of times.
# text  - The String to be duplicated.
# count - The Integer number of times to duplicate the text.
# Examples
#   multiplex('Tom', 4)
#   # => 'TomTomTomTom'
# Returns the duplicated String.
def multiplex(text, count)
  text * count


Copyright (c) 2012 Rubyworks

TomParse is distributable under the terms of the BSD-2-Clause license.

See LICENSE.txt for details.